About Allan Tool & Machine Co.

Allan Tool & Machine Co. Inc. was founded by my father Myron W. Scott in 1955. He branched off from B & E Machine which was run by him and his brother. Allan Tool’s first building was very small and located on Fort Street, near the Ambassador Bridge in Detroit. It was so small they had to punch holes in the wall to stock up their first 2 Davenport automatics from outside the building. Things were tough, but through hard work, honesty, persistence, and great product, the reputation of Allan Tool and its founder grew quickly throughout Southeastern Michigan and the Manufacturing Industry. In 1966 Allan Tool moved to their current location in Troy, Michigan. The company’s size, equipment, and reputation grew year after year. To assist and expand the company, my father then opened 2 additional screw machine shops along with associated complimenting services including their own in house tool making capability, and anodizing facility, Richcoat. Today Allan Tool has over 60 multiple spindle automatics, 4 CNC Swiss type, and 2 Hydromat Rotary Transfer machines, and a multitude of supporting equipment. In the late 80’s my father entered into discussions with Masao Itoh of Itoh-Seikoh ltd., a Japanese screw machine company. From those discussions rose our latest expansion Scott & Itoh Machine located in Madison Heights, Michigan. Even though my father and Masao Itoh have both passed away, Masahiko Itoh and I have continued the progress and success of their joint venture, and plan further success for generations to come.

Jeffrey M. Scott 
Allan Tool & Machine